Lucky Lee and his empire of Peace

Look around. Attentively. What do you see? Our world is burning and blazing, our planet is bleeding profusely and pines under weight of adversities which she suffers and hardly carries. And today there was only one person who decided to oppose at against all odds, to turn evil into good, and darkness into light. It is – Lucky Lee. The peacekeeper, esthete, great admirer and advocate of modern art combined with true Female Beauty and Charm. The person, who remembers “Cold War” and the times when everyone every second was waiting for global nuclear apocalypse. Gradually this threat was decreasing and became almost illusive. Millions of people were released from fear, and the feeling of internal freedom emerged.

In recent years there is a news flow from which heart clenches from burdensome guesses. Infinite so-called “sanctions” which are thrown up from an Euro-Atlantic bloody “horn of plenty” doesn’t reflect political reality, expresses only cold, deprived of nuances aggression, the aspiration to burn bridges between Russia, Europe and the USA, and also to discredit the president Trump and other leaders of the West who sincerely tried and try to establish this fragile relation. World’s elites don’t wish dialogue with Russia – with the power which is designed to connect the East and the West, to become the greatest Eurasian conductor between civilizations. All Lucky Lee’s destiny, soul and even appearance speak well for this idea. When the USA openly speaks about a possibility of war when opposition of the West and East reached it’s fatal boundary, when the American scientists draw Doomsday clock for 30 seconds ahead and the world stiffened only in 2 minutes from nuclear catastrophe – Russia is deleted from civilizations’ dialogue! The geography and history appointed us to be intermediaries for the solution of world questions.

The last four years in the conditions of global geopolitical conflicts tension in the world is restored. There is a complete feeling that “Cold War” has been restarted. For this reason Lucky Lee created social movement Vote4Peace, and organized a round-the-world travel with a series of peacekeeping projects. Nobody in common sense will prepare to preparehis family for military stance and therefore considers that the issue of peace – the arch-important in our life.

Both in personal, in public, and in political life each individual, collective, country and nation have to be guided by these three principles: own advantage, zeal to help people around and idea of pacifism as peaceful co-existence of all and all. Can you say,is there an advantage of Russia’s isolation in the worldfor somebody? Whether attempts to publicly humiliate us will help someone? And whether allsteps will be fatal when the prospect of power resolution of conflict is terrifyingly real? We hope that history will answer on all these questionsnegatively.
The conflicts, wars, aggression – all these influences the subsequent generations and doesn’t leave them the choice to be happy. We are only who collected 100 thousand votes in support of peace between Russia and USA. Mass-media boycott the subject of peace and don’t carry out educational mission which is charged to them since they are not intended for this purpose. With his projects Lucky Lee wants to pay attention is creation of favorable environment without aggression and wars.
In recent years he steered up his public activities to reconcile the countries and to bring harmony in society. His program theory can be expressed by the simple motto: “Advantage, Assistance, Peace!”.
Being a person of show business, Lucky Lee not once was speaking about this danger in language of erotic art and pop culture. So “The Calendar of the Apocalypse” where beautiful girls perish in flames of nuclear explosions in the capitals of the world was born. So there was a musical of “Beast & the Beauties” played by the Russian troupe and presented in the New York Webster Hall.

And here we have street protests in Washington and New York which inspired Americans to vote for peace as well.
Realizing that the conflict between Russia and USA can be the most dangerous in mankind’s history, Lucky Lee with enthusiasm apprehended Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin’s meeting in Helsinki. It was the first major step of Cold War’s termination attemptedat the highest political level.
Now Lucky Leegoes forward. As the President of the Russian Striptease clubs association, the representative of Russia on annual Gentlemen’s Club EXPO – the largest congress of night clubs owners in USA, he presented to American side “The memorandum of cooperation”. Signing of this memorandum by official heads of the American Association of the managing clubs will become a peculiar development of political arrangements of Trump and Putin, now already on cultural area. This document will rally Russia and USA in fight against rejection, prejudices and discrimination against employees of the club industry, will help to realize community of our purposes and values and will rally our nations in their common desire for peace and happiness.
For Home! For PEACE!