A very interesting visit of the delegates of the II Russian Indian Youth Forum was organized by the organizers to “Gornaya Apteka – Museum and Pharmacy” the Regional Tourist Center “Mountain Pharmacy”.

“Mountain pharmacy” is a unique monument of history and architecture of the XVIII century, the first brick building of Barnaul, which appeared in the Altai mountainous district even in the days of the mining factories Akinfiya Demidova.

“Mountain pharmacy” was the first pharmacy in the Altai and one of the first in Siberia. At different times here lived and worked outstanding travelers and explorers: Peter Simon Pallas, Friedrich Gebler, Karl Ledebour, Eric Laxmann.

A Soap making master class was organized for the delegates at Gornaya Apteka where delegates prepared soaps in different colors with different fragrances. Delegates were taught by Olga Grebenyuk, representative of the Museum in master class and then an excursion to the Museum was held where she explained the XVIII Century Pharmacy Business and Process existed in Barnaul.

Delegates enjoyed the Traditional desserts and drinks from Altai sea-buckthorn. Delegates also bought souvenirs from the Pharmacy.

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