Publication of the international research-to-practice conference “Forming the common socio-cultural space for SCO youth” held from 13th to 17th of June, 2017, in the city of Tomsk, the Russian Federation.

The conference was organized by the Ministry of education and science of the Russian Federation,All-Russian public organization «Russian Union of Youth» and Tomsk State Pedagogical University. The conference was held with the assistance of the Alexander Gorchakov Public Diplomacy Fund.

The Conference is aimed at broadening the international youth cooperation, fostering political and civil engagement of youth and building the long-term partnership of SCO youth public associations. The invitees of the event were young leaders from the eight SCO member states.

The programme of the Conference includes such are youth entrepreneurship, public diplomacy, science and innovations. The conference participants worked out the overall strategies of cooperation these spheres, which involved creation of conditions for youth entrepreneurship development and encouragement of youthe interest in broadening internationa participation among SCO.

As a result of the conference the handbook was published and the proposals for the SCO youth council were formulated.

The BRICS International Forum sent 3 member delegation from India to participate in the conference headed by Mr. Mohammad Akil, Hony. Director, BRICS International Forum.Publication of the international research-to-practice conference Forming the common socio-cultural space for SCO youth