BRICS Business Incubator (BRICS-BI) is a start-up initiative by the BRICS International Consultancy Private Limited incorporated under the Indian Companies Act 1956 (Government of India) in 2013, creating a favorable environment for the young entrepreneurs with the support of bilateral and multilateral development agencies.

The Incubator is serving as a support system for different segments of business and young entrepreneurs from BRICS, SCO and friendly countries. It is a common platform to provide the opportunities of Trade, Investment, Joint Venture, Employment, Research and Development. It act as a bridge to exchange information on business, import, export, joint ventures, technology transfers, contract manufacturing, tie ups and other business opportunities in various sectors as well as investment promotion in BRICS, SCO and friendly countries.

BRICS-BI is providing services directly or indirectly through our partner organization, Chamber of Commerce, Business Councils and Business Forums.


The BRICS Business Incubator is aimed at promoting business innovation and private sector development for sustainable economic progress to improve communication, trade, performance and efficiency and to allow business expansion for innovators and start-ups.


  • To provide a platform for the exchange and sharing of knowledge and experiences between practitioners, experts, policy makers, funding agencies, partnering organizations, and venture capitalists;
  • To organize interactions among business communities;
  • To provide extensive business services on a wide range of business interests and concerns to individuals member companies;
  • To create inclusive business model under different government programs;
  • To discuss the opportunities and challenges for promoting entrepreneurship, innovation and to provide training on key issues;
  • To promote continuous regional and national industrial and economic growth including increasing employment through general business development or stimulating specific economic objectives such as industrial restructuring and wealth generation or utilization of resources;
  • To realize the certain local economic development goals (ultimately the enhancement of the competitiveness);
  • To develop new innovative industries by stimulating the establishment and early growth of start-up firms;
  • Foster national and international partnerships and networks;
  • To promote knowledge generation & dissemination: good practices, tool-kits;
  • Creating skill exploring new paradigms of growth;
  • Assist and provide strategic information to promote any business;
  • Research on economic issues, particularly in the area of technological cooperation and trade;
  • Support to educational co-operation including joint venture of university;

Focus Areas

  • Manufacturing
  • MSME Sector
  • Skill Development and Entrepreneurship
  • Financial Services
  • Agro & Food processing
  • Infrastructure
  • Energy & Green Energy
  • Logistics and Supply Chain
  • Healthcare
  • Education and Research
  • Science and Technology
  • Film, Media and communications
  • Auto & Auto Components
  • Metals, Minerals & Chemicals
  • IT & ITES


  • Organize B2B/B2G
  • Market Research & Feasibility Studies
  • Products / industry specific report
  • PR Services & Lobbying
  • Promotion, Conservation & Launching Event /Conferences
  • Registration of Company & Representative office
  • Doing business
  • Single Window investment Services
  • Research and Documentation
  • Training and Transmission
  • Capacity building & Enhancement
  • Intellectual Property Rights Protection
  • Identification of Joint Venture Partners
  • Verification of Companies & Credit rating
  • One stop solution for setting up of Manufacturing facilities
  • Regulatory Affairs & Taxation services
  • Comprehensive Trade Facilities
  • Arbitration & Legal Assistance etc.
  • Monitoring, Evaluation and Impact Assessment


  • Organize workshops, expert consultancies, case studies, pilot projects, monitoring and evaluation exercises;
  • Increase the public communication through online collaboration tools, targeted workshops and other events, and substantive and financial cooperation with key partner organizations that have rich knowledge resources;
  • Assistance in arbitration and other legal services;
  • Development and cooperation issues;
  • Create Network of organisations to further stimulate joint action and resource sharing;
  • Publish newsletters, Journals and research reports;
  • Organize training program for the managers and policy makers
  • Organize business and Study tours
  • Award for the best incubator and entrepreneurs
  • Play as a gateway role for contacts and inquiries
  • Collect and update statistical information on incubation activities
  • Conduct evaluation and impact study
  • Apply for the grant from the government or international institutions


  • India-Brazil Business Incubator (IB-BI)
  • India-Russia Business Incubator (IR-BI)
  • India-China Business Incubator (IC-BI)
  • India-South Africa Business Incubator (ISA-BI)
  • India-SCO Business Incubator
  • India-Eurasia Business Incubator