On April 26, 2017, a seminar-meeting of young leaders of the BRICS countries was concluded in Samara. About 100 young entrepreneurs, scientists, teachers, post-graduates and public figures from Russia, Brazil, India, China and South Africa attended the seminar. The organizers of the event were the Russian Youth Union, the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation, the Government of the Moscow Region, the Administration of the Stupino Municipal District, the Government of the Samara Region and the Samara State Economic University.

Within the framework of five days of the workshop, young leaders of the BRICS countries were able to conduct a number of business negotiations with the leaders of the Moscow and Samara regions, visited the leading enterprises of the Stupino district of the Moscow region and the Samara State Economic University. It was on the basis of this university that plenary sessions and networking sessions on culture and humanitarian cooperation, youth entrepreneurship, science and innovation were held.

“The seminar was very fruitful not only from the point of view of establishing new contacts, but also the scale of the decisions made,” Tatyana Seliverstova, Deputy Chairman of the RSM, commented on the results of the international event . – In particular, the first youth business incubator of the BRICS countries will be created in the near future.

Currently, Russian-Chinese student business incubators work successfully in Omsk, Ulyanovsk, Ufa and Khabarovsk. Participants of unique sites are young entrepreneurs and innovators aged from 18 to 30 with knowledge of English.

Residents of business incubators get the opportunity to team up with colleagues from different countries and jointly create new projects and technologies. It should be noted that leaders and experts of large companies take an active part in the work of the sites. They offer young entrepreneurs specific topics for the development of new ideas, as well as help to find the necessary solutions for the development of their business.

In addition, the workshop participants decided to establish the BRICS Youth Research Center and the BRICS Young Entrepreneurs Association, as well as to develop an information portal that will enable the rapid exchange of experience and the sharing of innovative developments in the future.

Another initiative to expand the cooperation of the BRICS countries was the creative contest “PhotoBrix-2017”, which will be timed to coincide with the summit of the heads of BRICS states in China. It is in this country that the final exhibition of the project will be held in the summer with the demonstration of the best winning works.

As for the next meeting of youth leaders of the BRICS countries, it will be held in 2017 in China.

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