On April 24, 2017, the young leaders of the BRICS countries, who are on an official visit to Russia, started working in the territory of the city of Samara. Within two days, about 100 young entrepreneurs, scientists, teachers, graduate students and public figures aged 18 to 35 from Russia, Brazil, India, China and South Africa will participate in a number of thematic discussion platforms on issues of culture and humanitarian cooperation, youth entrepreneurship, science and innovation.

Nikolai Merkushin , governor of the Samara region, greeted participants of the seminar-conference first , noting that it is prestigious for the Samara region to host young leaders of the BRICS countries: “The most active representatives of the younger generation representing Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa came to this room. It is you and your peers that make up the potential labor, intellectual and creative resource of the states, behind which the future of the planet “.

In addition, the head of the region shared with the young leaders the success of the Samara region in the implementation of the largest all-Russian youth projects and programs. It was about the All-Russian festival “Russian student’s spring”, All-Russian competition “Student of the Year”, national championship “Young Professionals”, which work to increase the creative activity and professional skills of young people.

“The seminar of young leaders of the BRICS countries opens essentially new opportunities for our region. We must more actively exchange experience in the humanitarian and cultural sphere, strengthen ties in such areas as science, innovation, entrepreneurship. Today, this is extremely important for all BRICS countries, “he stressed.

In his turn, the Chairman of the Russian Union of Youth Pavel Krasnorutsky noted that it is honorable for RSM to hold such serious events on the territory of the Samara region: “We have a good history of interaction with the Samara Region Government, but for the first time we are holding such a large-scale international event in the region.” Pavel Krasnorutsky added that now the possibility of strengthening the role of the Samara region in the youth international movement is being considered. In particular, the issue of establishing a Youth Business Incubator in the BRICS region is being explored.

Discussion of issues of humanitarian cooperation and youth entrepreneurship continued at a special networking session. Young leaders spoke about their vision for the development of joint projects.

Thus, the director of the Iberoamerican Institute (Brazil), Vicente Barrientos, noted that in the framework of interregional cooperation, Brazilian citizens could be educated at the Samara State Economic University: “The Samara Economic School is very strong.” In his opinion, it is necessary to expand joint projects in the sphere of tourism.

Recall that the organizers of the seminar-meeting are the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation, the All-Russian Public Organization “Russian Union of Youth”, the Government of the Samara region and the Samara State Economic University.

It is in this university that tomorrow, April 25, young leaders of the BRICS countries will participate in the plenary session “The state of international youth cooperation in the BRICS space”, discuss preparation for the Sochi World Festival of Youth and Students, and hold presentations of youth organizations of their countries.

It is expected that, based on the results of the discussion sites, a list of proposals will be formed for their inclusion in the final document of the BRICS Youth Forum, which will be held in China at the end of July.

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