Our Mission

The BRICS-IF's strategic mission is to facilitate communication between government officials and the expert, business and civil communities when elaborating BRICS Summit policy decisions.

BRICS-IF works towards a dual mission of “preparing future generations of leaders,” and “providing leadership in advancing policy-relevant knowledge about the most important challenges of Global Security, Health and Environment with other critical issues to achieve Sustainable Development Goals within a stipulated time.”

BRICS-IF mission is to facilitate peaceful integration into the global community, partly through greater cooperation among civil organisations, scientific & academic institutions and foreign think tanks/scholars on major international issues.

Our Objective

BRICS-IF has been formed to cater, mobilise and carry forward the agenda, policies and decisions made by the heads of the states during the annual BRICS summits and also aims to encourage and strengthen multilateral cooperation within BRICS and beyond.

BRICS-IF has been developed to structure legal and financial multi layers for BRICS programs, business, social and commercial aspects and focusing on young people. They have the incentive to create and seize the necessary tools to become actively engaged in decision-making, which could result in greater transparency, accountability and better opportunities in their future.

Our Working

The BRICS-IF working on regional and international issues to encourage wider and more informed awareness of the importance of BRICS international affairs.

Our work spans foreign policy, governance, the environment, economic policy and social development, cultural exchange, linking local experiences with global debates.

Our knowledge provides local and regional decision-makers with independent, evidence-based options for BRICS and BRICS Plus Bloc’s future development.